Landscaping for the South Shore

Keith White Landscaping provides skilled, dedicated landscaping services in the South Shore since 1988

Contact us and see how working with professional landscapers can help you maintain the attractive look of your property with little to no effort on your part. My name is my brand—Keith White Landscaping takes pride in offering you quality service to keep your foliage and property in top condition. Our brand promise is to manage your outdoor needs, year round with superior customer care.

We are Full Service—
Fully Licensed and Insured

We provide lawn maintenance and landscape design. Our services include planting, mowing, mulching and edging. Taking care of your grass and yards with aeration, weeding, fertilization and lime.

And we manage trees and shrubs with trimming, pruning, and more extensive tree work.

Improve your property with hardscaping

We build and maintain masonry, stone and pavers for patios, walkways and walls—with timber as well. Other projects include fences and seal-coating, ponds and water features. And don’t forget lighting to better enjoy your outdoor spaces.


We specialize in seasonal work, like Spring and Fall clean-ups, lawn installation, renovation, and sod. For the winter we provide firewood delivery, Christmas trees and delivery, holiday and Christmas lighting and snow plowing.